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With Jona and Joni to become the "first responders of tomorrow"

KYOKUTOH is there!

"Helping is strong,” is the motto of the Johanniters, who have been successfully teaching first aid to children in daycare, kindergarten, school or youth groups for years. They are supported by the hand puppets Jona and Joni.

In order to deepen what they have learned, the Johanniters and K&L Verlag have developed an easy-to-understand coloring book, game and workbook, a poster and an app, which are essential components of a teaching package for children aged five to eleven. We think: This is a good thing!

That's why KYOKUTOH supports the project and has provided a school class with coloring and work books, posters and the app. The book with lots of pictures to color in teaches children the skills to provide first aid in emergencies and to recognize everyday dangers in the home, leisure time and traffic in a timely manner.

On 44 pages, Jona and Joni talk about their experiences in the world of helping. Using child-friendly case studies, they give tips and advice on first aid and prevention. At the same time, teachers, educators and parents can discuss and practice the illustrations with the children. The app shows learning videos and is a digital learning success monitor. It shows the children whether they have solved the tasks correctly and gives them the incentive to complete the book.

Would you like to find out more about the project? You can find further information here: www.kl-verlag.de.