Auto Contact Tip Changer TE CTC-001 SET

Contact tip change in approx. 40 seconds

The innovative Contact Tip Changer CTC-001 automates the changing of contact tips within the robot lines for arc welding applications. The entire exchange process takes only approx.  40 seconds without interrupting the production lines. This increases welding productivity considerably and reduces production costs enormously.

The CTC-001 is supplied as a PLUG&PLAY SET with its own pre-configured control unit, stand and sensors. After automatically unscrewing the gas nozzle, the wire is being cut by the included wire cutter. After removing the old contact tip and cleaning it, a new tip is screwed on. The torque limiter automatically stops tightening when the intended torque is reached. This completely prevents over-tightening, which can occur with manual operation. The old contact tips are automatically ejected and collected in a box for easy disposal. 

The entire process runs automatically and is precisely monitored by three built-in sensors. They ensure that the contact tips are reliably replaced and screwed on. This way, the CTC-001 contributes significantly to increasing the welding quality. 

Up to 10 replacement contact tips are available in the magazine inside the CTC. The CTC-001 is compatible with almost all types of torches. It is also worth mentioning that the CTC-001 can be delivered with other TIPMAN equipment on a stand as a combination. Simply contact our sales representative for this.


  • The CTC-001 is always individually adapted to the torch, the gas nozzle and the contact tip.
  • Detailed information is required about this component
  • If this information is not sufficient, the torch, gas nozzle and contact tip may be required for feasibility analysis and/or final inspection.


  • Increases productivity and reduces costs
  • Increases operator safety 
  • Compatible with almost all torches
  • Sensors to monitor the changeover process


Power 1-phase or 3-phase
Current AC200V-240V or DC24V
Weight 7.5 kg


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