Auto Contact Tip Reformer CTR-001

Contact tip recycling saves costs, protects environment

The Auto Contact Tip Reformer CTR-001 reforms worn contact tips and thus contributes to enormous cost savings and scrap reduction. This means that the production can be more environmentally friendly.

The recycling process is fully automatic. Processing takes about 40 seconds per contact tip. To process different types of contact tips, small adjustments to the machine are necessary.

The operation is activated by a touch panel. Up to 150 contact tips can be inserted at once and recycled in one operation. Even during the process, more contact tips can be added. The machine stops automatically as soon as the hatch is opened during operation. After closing the hatch, the machine restarts.

Reformed contact tips are ejected into a collection container. If an error occurs during the process, rejected contact tips are automatically sorted out and discharged separately.

The CTR-001 forms the hole at the top of the contact tip into a triangular shape. This allows the protruding welding wire to contact two points on the contact tip surface, contributing to even power distribution.


  • The CTR-001 is always individually adapted to the contact tip.
  • Detailed information is needed about this component


  • Go Green - environmentally friendly
  • Recycling saves money and scrap
  • Up to 150 contact tips are recycled in 1 operation 
  • Approx. 40 seconds per electrode


Power 1-phase or 3-phase, AC200V-240V
Air source pressure 4 bar
Weight 115 kg
Size WxDxH 340 x 555 x 1115 mm


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